CloudgardenCloudGarden logo, a tiny sprout growing from cloud


Gardening, very smart, very easy

CloudGarden bridges the gap between novice gardeners and experts: see your plants thrive and share the results for everyone’s benefit.

It's for Everyone to enjoy

CloudGarden will help your plants grow and thrive even if you are not a gardening expert, giving you easy access to gardening and great results.

It helps you share and recieve back

It’s the intelligent ecosystem fitting big and small gardens made by smart sensors that, once planted into the soil, connects to the cloud allowing you to easily manage your garden remotely from any device. You can share your result, receive help and tips from other owners and automatically apply them to your garden.

It let's you explore new possibilities

As an Open Initiative we give you free access to ready-to-use designs and specifications, so you can make your own CloudGarden.

CloudGarden is an Open Initiative by Ariia LabsLearn more about it here.